The big disappointment at Casa Piedra Grande, Vieques!

This review

I am very sorry for this review. The reason I am writing this is because I would have loved to read a real and honest review BEFORE going there.

The visit: Jully 28th 2012 to August 12th

The photos

  • Dirty Door
  • 2nd Dirty Door
  • Dirty Phone
  • Dust on the living room lamp
  • Dust and dead fly on the side of the window
  • Stains on bed's sheet
  • Dirty sofa
  • Disgusting stains on every couch
  • Under the bed
  • Freezer
  • Fridge
  • Step
Dirty Door1 2nd Dirty Door2 Dirty Phone3 Dust on the living room lamp4 Dust and dead fly on the side of the window5 Stains on bed's sheet6 Dirty sofa7 Disgusting stains on every couch8 Under the bed9 Freezer10 Fridge11 Step12

The owner and service

Very efficient over the phone, quick reply to our mail, did research for us. The manager picked us up at the airport as planed.

The Villa: Casa piedra grande

(Hilltop Home with Breathtaking Ocean Views and pool)


When they say that the villa is near the beach, this is not the kind of beach you would imagine. This is more a place to get access to a boat ramp, to walk along the ocean, but not to stay 3 hours and play in the water with your kids. It is small, full of rocks, with lots of  overflowing trash cans under the trees. Very crowded by locals on the week-end.

The Island


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